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The Algarve is a Portuguese region blessed with an almost tropical climate, where you can find some of the most magnificent beaches in Europe, from the smallest, rocky and sheltered havens, to the glorious stretches of golden sand.


Southern Portugal has mild and sunny winters to offer, as well as long and wonderful summers, sought after by all age groups. These and other factors, such as its natural beauty, quality seafood, fishing villages and picturesque localities, have defined the Algarve as the most popular destination in the country.


There are many towns and villages to visit, as well as splendid landscapes and activities to suit all types of holiday lifestyle. Whether you fancy relaxing at a pool, taking walks at sunset on the dozens of stunning beaches, enjoying the excitement at the many theme parks the region has to offer, engaging in the unique nightlife, playing sports, or simply taking beautiful strolls in areas rich in history, culture and tradition, this is the perfect holiday destination to unwind.

At House Holidays Algarve we offer a variety of quality holiday accommodation, catering to diverse needs and budgets. Choose a destination that ressonates with you and have a look at the holiday homes we offer in that location.

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Once a main fishing harbour, today Albufeira is one of the most coveted and sought-after destinations in central Algarve for travellers coming from other regions in the country and abroad, seeking an idyllic setting to spend their holiday, particularly during the summer.

Considered by many as the capital of tourism in Portugal, Albufeira holds a significant past dating many centuries back in time, and there are even reasons to believe it has been inhabited since pre-historical times. The Romans named it “Baltum” and years later came the Arab occupancy, which changed the name to “Al-buhera” — it means “castle of the sea” —, eventually leading to its current name.

Today, Albufeira is a sunbathed, beautiful city with people coming from all over the world to discover the lovely beaches and explore the endless number of things to do, such as water sports, golf, the nightlife, and discover the amazing culture and hospitality of it's people.


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With a unique and privileged location in the extreme southwest of Europe and making the bridge between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, Portimão is a place with a fantastic climate and a very rich natural beauty. It is a land that does not despise its rural and maritime roots and is considered one of the best destinations to enjoy and taste the best seafood and the best fish.


The most beautiful beaches of Portimão stretch for eight kilometers of fine golden sand, where harmonious and spectacular red, brown and white ochre cliffs, warm sunshine and warm blue skies beautifully contrast with a crystalline green sea, sure to create the idyllic setting for your holiday in the Algarve.

There are plenty of things to do in Portimão whatever your age - there are boat trips for fishing, trips to the caves, dolphin watching trips or a trip up the Arade river to Silves from the river front. There are several golf courses nearby and at Portimão's municipal aerodrome, near Alvor, various pursuits like parachuting for the more adventurous are also available!

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